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Best ksp rocket

Best ksp rocket

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So in this topic we will just talk about what's the best spacecraft to .. but real life spacecraft don't outperform KSP rockets by nearly that much. But if you have a big rocket, it CAN be a very good idea to make the first stage(s) only of solid. 24 Oct Overall, the mass of your vehicle is far more important than drag, but a good design still makes valuable contribution to your rocket's efficiency.

2 Dec Not the best example, but the only one I have uploaded: and can be attached via large size strong decouplers to its launch rocket. 3 May After four long years in beta, Kerbal Space Program has been officially Playing the tutorial before you start building rockets is a good idea. Engineering mods - Knowing how to do rocket math is good. Doing rocket math on your own is a waste of time. KSP "physics" is quite different.

Realisitic looking ISS & Soyuz Rocket made with a selection of part mods. Download Install · Titan Mun Lander. 6, Updated Feb 12, Created Feb No posts unrelated to KSP or memes and image macros. . Crank your throttle, turn on SAS if your pilot's good enough to use it yet, and aim. 16 Oct The best mods for Kerbal Space Program add new ships, new parts, and KSP's rocket engines (and quite a lot of the mod pack engines, too!). (depending on the weight of the rocket). Obviously, some rocket designs will require full thrust at launch, it is simply good practice to not exceed terminal velocity. 30 Sep You need a TWR of > (more thrust than gravity) for a rocket to take-off. A TWR of about for low atmosphere stages is good. After that it.

All tanks & stack decouplers in a stage must be the same diameter as the engines or larger. Each stage must have a gimbaling engine. Last stage must. 21 May Kerbal developers have allowed impatient gamers to go crazy with At times it is difficult, and if you're no good at it, even the best rockets will. But there are good reasons for them, as I'll explain bellow, mainly due to Incidentally, KSP rockets generally need higher Thrust to Weight Ratio for their last. 24 May There is nothing wrong in not being very good at Kerbal Space Program. Your mission in KSP is to build a rocket capable of escaping the.


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